FAREWELL – ★★★☆ – Funny and touching story about a daughter of Chinese immigrants and her return to China, where the family is gathering to be around her terminally ill grandmother. Except grandma doesn’t know about her illness, and everyone is there under the guise of being there for a family wedding. Interesting perspectives on culture between East and West. #MIFF 2019

THE AMAZING JOHNATHAN DOCUMENTARY – ★★★☆ – Interesting documentary that starts off being about the American comedian, but takes some twists and turns along the way that were to say the least, unexpected. Wraps up well, and is worth a watch. #MIFF2019

DAFFODILS – ★★★ – I’m not really into musicals, so admittedly not the target audience for this NZ tale. Wasn’t terrible, but my main issue was that I questioned several of the plot points. #MIFF2019