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Sega’s doing alright

At a lounge in MEL Airport. This is so Melbourne. This machine would beat 90% of the American coffees I’ve had to drink, yet not good enough. Go see the live barista a few metres away instead.

Using a Selphy CP770 with a Mac in 2018

Canon gave up supporting the Selphy CP770 photo printer years ago, for seemingly no reason. Some time later, a gentleman named Christian Spuller hacked together the drivers for some Selphy printers to work on Yosemite (Mac OS X 10.10), and made them available at his website. However, it still didn’t work with the CP770. But, with a text edit of the drivers at Canon’s website, you can get it all working in 2018 on at least MacOS 10.13.4. It’s a little convoluted, and requires re-adding your existing configured printers, but if you’re not afraid of the command line, it saves you having to buy a new printer for no reason…

You’ll need:

  1. Install the SelphyYosemite.pkg file. You may need to right (or ctrl) click and select Open to give the system permissions to run it
  2. Open the cp530-760-770os-x-06.dmg (from Canon’s website)
  3. In terminal, navigate to /Volumes/cp530-760-770os-x-06/SELPHY\ CP\ series\ Printer\ driver_6.0.0.31.mpkg/Contents
  4. Edit the file ‘distribution.dist‘ with a text editor.
  5. On line 10, replace:
    • 10.7‘ with ‘10.13‘, and
    • 10.8‘ with ‘10.14
  6. Save the file
  7. From Finder, open the cp530-760-770os-x-06 disk image from the desktop, and then open the SELPHY CP series Printer driver_6.0.0.31.mpkg to install it. Again, you may need to right (or ctrl) click and select Open to give the system permissions to run it.
  8. Reset the printing system (see:
  9. Restart the computer
  10. Open the Printers & Scanners preference pane in System Preferences and re-add any printers you had, including of course, the Selphy CP770.

Hopefully this will help at least one other person out there, but if not, at least I’ll have a note for myself when I need to do it again for the next version of MacOS.